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>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eversince their Takashimaya branch closed, we were on 'Pepper Lunch Diet'. :p

Last Saturday, we went to Isetan along Orchard road to have a better view of the Christmas decors on the Orchard rd intersection. The transferred pepper lunch is there! Finally! After a few months, we were able to go pepper lunching. :)

I still liked the Takashimaya branch. It's more spacious and homey-looking. The Isetan branch is pretty small and situated on a seemingly odd corner of the mall. The place looks lonely and poorly lit.

I was mised emotions with their new set of menu. They had revised their set meal which now presents a variety of side dishes along with the main course and drinks. Mon was so sad that his super favorite japanese curry beef is not on the menu list anymore. :( I was happy to see more seafood dishes. Everytime I visit Pepper Lunch before, I kept answering their survey forms to suggest adding seafood in their menu. True enough, they now offer shrimp, unagi and scallops. :) Noticed more pasta dishes as well. :)

I still love their beef pepper rice. :)

See more from their website.

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