3rd Year Anniv Celebration: Part 2, The Quincy

>> Saturday, December 26, 2009

(WARNING: Truckloads of images ahead..)

LONG OVERDUE POST: Yes, we did 'spend' for our anniversary this time. The first two years is just the simple, dinner out and watch movie then head home.

We booked the Quincy hotel, the first week November. As new PRs, we got lucky as they have a promo. Booking for Singaporeans and PRs are on a discounted rate. :)

When we arrived, the front desk officer is a Filipina. And as always, is so accomodating and friendly. We were escorted to our room and to our suprise, it is accompanied by a bottle of red wine for us to enjoy.

We then explored the small but super nice room. I love love the king size bed esp its sheets and pillows. I bet the thread count is more than 350. :p

The toilet has a big tub and a chic sink. This makes it soo fab and comfortable, you may want to just stay there. :p The mini bar is consumable! Which made is extra nice. hehehe..

and oh, their toiletries is Molton Brown. Eyelovett! :p

I got a bit tired of taking pics of the room so the vain in me kicked in. One shot lang.

We went at the cafe to eat lunch. And what do you know, it's Modesto's. Niiiiiiiiiiiceee!. I blogged about loving Modesto's here.

Caesar Salad, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Seafood Fried Rice

Since this hotel is nearby the Paragon Mall, we decided to roam around. Orchard is known for its catchy decors during Christmas season. And good thing APEC Summit is held in Singapore that's why, they decorated earlier especially that there's a competition for the best decorated mall. :)

Paragon's theme is masquerade. Colors of red, purple, silver, gold and blue is seen all over the mall. In the middle, they showcased these 4 trees with other themes. Really nice. Maybe if I decide to change my theme next year, I can 'copy' one of these. hehehe..

Tired of walking, we went back to the hotel. It was also time for dinner. :D We had these sumptuous meal.

Carbonarra, Striploin Steak and the 'Embutido' Cake (forgot what it's called)

After dinner, Weng, Cel and Neil arrived. We just stayed at the hotel. Had some kwentuhan, photo ops, dessert. We also did movie watch hop (yeah, browsing through movies that Neil has in his vosonic as we really don't have an idea which movie we want to watch).. Then we just got back to the usual photo ops and kwentuhan. We then decided to drop by the pool area and gym. But so lucky of us! The pool area is under renovation!

The next day, I sneaked and prepared my surprise for Mon. It's all about him.. what he loves. I am in a hurry to prepare for I know Mon will be waking in a while. And he did! So caught up, I didn't have the chance to take pics. I'll take some pics of the items I prepared one of these days.

And guess what, all we did here is relax, eat, eat and eat! hahaha.. We had these for breakfast. Didn't get a chance to take a pic on what we ate for breakfast. But it is a buffet of fried rice, bacon, eggs, salad, hashbrowns, curry beef, congee, toasts, coffee and fruit juices. As usual, yum! :p

Got back on our room and just watched some movies. Then took lunch at around 130pm. Here is our ultra-spicy lunch:

We then headed back to orchard road and met up with Weng at the ION. Went to the shops for some window shopping. Uhhhmm, not exactly because when we went to Uniqlo, Weng and I both have a shopping bag with us. :p

We were dead tired so we went back to the hotel at around 530pm. We slept for about 1.5hrs then went again to the cafe for our dinner. Mon really loved the striploin steak so he ordered it again. I opted for a different one, grilled salmon. :) Dessert is the super-sour lime sorbet. See our faces when we ate the dessert. hehe..

After dinner, we went out again for our orchard road escapade. :) Mon was hoping that we can go as far as Plaza Singapura but I am really tired already from the afternoon lakwatsa so we opted to just roam around Tangs, Wheelock, Isetan, Lucky Plaza, Takasimaya, Wisma and ION.

Final day of stay at the Quincy, we had these for breakfast. :)

We enjoyed our stay at the quincy a lot. We're definitely coming back! :p

Btw, see Mon's short version...

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