On Laundry and Pails...

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't know if it's one sign of OC-ness or what. :p I'm a laundry addict. I always have to make sure that the laundry basket is empty. As in if I notice that it's half-full, I HAVE TO DO THE LAUNDRY. And.. And whenever I do our laundry, I want to finish it all in one go (of course with the color, type sorting and all hehe).

There were unavoidable circumstances where I have no choice but to leave something in the basket. The feeling is really weird! As in, it sorts of irritate me and the image of the laundry basket having some clothes i stucked in my head. Praning! hahahaha..

There's one more thing that makes me think if I am more OC than I think I am. It's with the pail (balde). This one is the opposite. I don't want it to be empty, as in dapat full naman sya. I can't really explain the feeling.

Thinking about it, maybe I just want to make sure we have plenty of clean clothes to wear and that doing it in one go really saves me weekends for myself and Mon (tipong relax relax lang). For the water in the pail, this one is tricky. I dunno. Maybe the reason I want it to be always full kasi for me a container full of water is a sign of abundance?!

Ah ewan.. Basta I feel like a weirdo. Hahaha.. But on second thought, I think everyone of us has some weirdness in our systems. :p Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillll.. hehehe...

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