Clementi Mall

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

We wanted to check out the new Clementi Mall so we headed out and explored the place. We had lunch at Fish and Co.

We headed to a baby store where I got Riley some toothbrush (in stages), new feeding bottle nipples and a munchkin fruit net.
We also went to the newly opened Fair Price Finest. And it's fun that they have a kiosk where you can scan, pack and pay yourself. :) Hubby tried it and it's pretty good. Only problem is that if you bought something very light, in our case we bought a dishwashing foam, it cannot be detected when placed on the plastic. Apparently, there's some sort of detector/weighing scale below to detect if you actually have placed the item after scanning or have not scanned the item place on the plastic. Again, it's pretty good and only needs minor changes to detect light items.

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