>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hubby and I had an impromptu dinner date last night. We haven't been spending time alone for a long time now so I guess it's just right for us to do it. :) We initially planned on having a once a week alone time but didn't really followed it. Most of the times, we really like spending our alone time with Riley so I think it is still good.

Had dinner at Bakerzin and we both got their bento meals. He got the Japanese beef curry while I got the carbonarra. :) It is very yummy and filling. I wasn't able to eat my dessert! We're not supposed to be allowed to bring the dessert home but I asked if it is possible once I buy one more dessert. The manager, being so mabait and so pinoy, agreed. :) Yay! Here's a pic of what we ate (his on top, mine at the bottom part):

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