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>> Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2 was a very remarkable day for Tine and Dario as they embark a new chapter in their lives. They got married via civil rights here in Singapore and I must say, it's a day filled with love and laughter. :)

We arrived there promptly (330PM, not Filipino time hehe) and had some photo ops before guests start to arrive. We just had to grab the opportunity especially that Riley has no sumpong yet (but he rarely have sumpong episodes anyway). Here are some pics:

Guests started to come in by 4-430pm and the room got crowded fast. Lots of chika chika until we're suprised that Dario and Tine are already walking, entering the function room of their condo. The ceremony is actually starting! It was fast and breezy! Congrats to the newlyweds!

The middle pictures, we gave the couple their gift. We made a simple card for them. Here is the bigger version of the card:

Dario and Tin actually prepared three games (mind you with prizes). But among all three the game for the singles is the most fun of all. Here, they have to guess the what, when, where questions about the couple. Our two female colleagues are the final two contestants. Tin's male colleagues got the highest too. After a while, it became to female contestants for the only male contestant. After all the hullabaloo, our female colleague who loves to cook was chosen! woohoo! :)

This is a very wonderful and memorable event. We had a lot of fun alongside being happy for Dario and Tine. :)

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