What Happened to Gretchen Barreto???!

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

I used to really love how Gretchen looks like.. Very fresh looking despite her age and she'll probably be mistaken as just in her late 20's. Beautiful indeed.

But now as I see her in television, I can't help but get so worried of her. She suddenly become one of those obsessed with botox. I think she just ruined her face. She looks like swelling all over.. anything about her face is stiff... Sayang.. super sayang..

Nothing against having some treatments/procedures but for me, it should be done in moderation.

First pic, she's really beautiful.. Second one, seems she already had some botox injected to her cheeks but okay pa din naman.. The third one,, OH NO SHE DIDN'T!, additional botox to her cheeks, lips and forehead. I can't find a pic without sunglasses but when I saw her a while ago sa ASAP, she seems to have had her eyebags removed. Nde pala maganda completely walang eyebag. :p

First two pics courtesy of pep.ph and the last one from ph.news.yahoo.com.

2 hirit/s:

Bryan Arancon Tue Mar 31, 12:11:00 PM  

kainis yang babaitang yan...nakagawa pa ng album...at nagplatinum pa ah!hindi halatang binibili nlng nya...hahaha

che Tue Mar 31, 02:32:00 PM  

Hi Bryan,

hehehe.. oo nga eh..

may utang pa ako sayo.. Ayusin ko muna layout ng blog ko then include ko na yung pag-add ng link mo :)


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