Chit Chats... Why Not?!

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I noticed that most of the blogs I visit or hop to has a cbox. So one time, I planned on putting one on my site but somehow put it aside since I'm not that active in blogging before. Also, I'm someone kasi that don't leave messages, i'm just one of those who read and appreciate other's blog. I'm shy to leave a comment, shy to make friends online. Other times, I just don't have the time to comment due to work and other stuff.

I finally "decided" to be an active blogger a few months back, due to the influence of some friends and my officemate marhgil. After some time, I learned to little-by-little appreciate on not just being a lurker and be a bit bold enough to make friends online. I have visited many sites that made me too too fascinated and in awe. I realized that there are many pinoy bloggers who are really talented and articulate in writing. Nakakabilib!

I just started putting comments or messages on the blogsites that interest me. But, what actually made me decide to put a cbox? pinoyblogero's site. :) Aliw ako, dami tips hehehe..

So to those who read my blog (alam ko iilan lang kayo), chit-chat naman tayo! hahaha..

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