Our Dog's Miscarriage

>> Friday, August 17, 2007

*Sad* Our jumping dog, Jessie just had a miscarriage. We brought her at Dad's house for several days because we want Daddy to see that her tummy's really big. Yesterday, Dad saw a little pup beside Jessie, still covered with amniotic sac. Jessie doesn't want anyone to touch her pup so she brought it somewhere and then ate it. :( Mon then brought Jessie to our house since we are suspecting Jessie got stressed since daddy's dog, Doggie keep on harrassing her. Mon fetched me from work and when we got home, we saw another pup lying on the floor, still with sac. Probably Jessie doesn't know how to remove it but she certainly doesn't want us to touch her baby. :( When I attempted to come near the pup, she immediately went to her cage with her pup.

We let her rest and when Mon checked at 3am today, she still looks sad and sick. Mon is currently on his way home to bring Jessie to the vet. Tin and Cel told me that Jessie needs to be x-rayed to see if she still has pups in her womb. Hopefully alive 'cause if not, Jessie might get poisoned. :(

Huhuhu.. Naiiyak ako..

2 hirit/s:

weng Mon Aug 20, 05:14:00 AM  

huhu..naiiyak din ako.. :( sana maging ok si jessie.

harbie Wed Aug 22, 06:02:00 AM  

awwwww, that is sooo sad! =( she won't let anybody get near her kid, kahit alam nyang lifeless na. =( awww, this is depressing.

hope jessie will be fine though. is there a "raspa" for dogs btw?

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