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>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Saturday: my very good friend Tin went back to Manila for a two-week vacation! Yeyey! At syempre meet agad kame. We met and ate (agad! haha) at McDo BF. Mon left us as il centro salon but unfortunately, they're just finishing the services for the customers inside. Chikahan ever pa kasi kami sa McDo eh hehe..

Tin and I hurried to Let's Face It for our planned foot spa and other pa-kikay but again, closed na. Good thing Going Straight Salon still accepts customers so Tin was able to have her haircut. ;) We then went to Ruins for more chikahan plus some shopping (si Tin lang ang nag-shopping hehehe). We just tried on some shades and we look a bit goofy hehe... Here are the pics:

We finally decided to call it a night since it's a bit late already. We'll be rescheduling our pa-kikay date some other time. hehehe.. Mon fetched me but we went to Shopwise to buy stuff for the house as well as our dear Jessie's dog food. I'm so happy that they are into contributing to saving Earth. They have introduced reusable shopping bags. To encourage customers and wise card holders, every purchase of the reusable bag will double the points of all items that can fit the bag. Nice. :)

I thought it will take a long time before this gear towards being Earth-friendly will be applied to our country. But it's here already. :) I hope other stores will be doing the same thing. This is a very good start, don't you think? :)

Sunday: I'm such a domesticated mama. My husband has work today so I just stayed home to take care of Jessie, cook, clean and do the laundry. I cooked his favorite Pinatisang Manok. Really easy to make so if wanna try it, you can send me a message for the recipe. I managed to take a picture of it sing my cellphone but it doesn't look mouth-watering. Swear sa actual, katakam-takam! Hahaha.. Feeling.. But actually, this really gives a sign for me to acquire a better digital camera, perhaps SLR camera (ahem ahem -- parinig kay Mon haha ;) .

Since it's a holiday, Mon dropped me off to my parents house for a visit (their company requires them to work even on a holiday haaayyy). My nieces and I went out for our bonding session. Time flies so fast! My nieces are young ladies now. Nakakatuwa silang damitan so I bought them some clothes. Good to see that they enjoyed the day with me. Hehehe..

Mon fetched us as Landmark Makati then went back to my parents house. We stayed for a while. Had a chitchat with all of them and went home after more than an hour. Jessie needs to drink her medicine na kasi and we're pretty sure Jessie is waiting for us. hehehe..

Sarap talaga pag long weekend! :) Looking forward sa next long weekend which is actually this coming weekend pala ulet! Hehehe.. I'm now thinking of what Mon and I can do for this coming weekend. Kayo, what do you love to do on long weekends?

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harbie Wed Aug 22, 06:04:00 AM  

if i have another long weekend, i'll fly to sarah g's next concert leg. hahaha! adik! =P

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