Here It Goes Again..

>> Friday, August 24, 2007

There should be an entry before this (blog party last night) but since this one wouldn't take too much time writing, I better start with this. :p

Most of the times, our office elevator is really a pain in the @$$. Strong winds causes it to malfunction. Someone outside the elevator should put some pressure or shake the elevator door just to make it go up. We only have two elevators and now, the other one seem to have given up. So it takes forever for the working one to reach the ground floor.

Good thing we have a sort-of entertainment while waiting for the elevator. There's this lcd tv located in between the elevators. It shows mtv excerpts, ads, fun facts, trivia, and what have you.. One mtv excerpt that caught my eye is the one you'll see below. I am really wondering what the title and group that sang it but never really tried youtube-ing it. Then my friends told me it's title. Galing galing! Parang yung first lines pa parang Japanese words hehe..

I really love mtv's like this. :) Rhythmic, nicely choreographed and fun. I also like these old songs: Around the World by Daft Funk and Can't Get You Out of my Head by Kylie Minogue.

I know there are lots of mtvs with this kind of style but can't think of anything else. Care to share?

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