Teambuilding Moments

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We just had our annual teambuilding last Aug 10-11 at Caylabne Bay Resort in Ternate, Cavite. We played a lot of games for fun as well as to strengthen the bond of the group.

Four groups were formed, red (go red!), blue, green and yellow. So now you know which group I belong hahaha... I've posted some pics. This will tell you how much fun we had. :)

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harbie Thu Aug 16, 02:35:00 AM  

the pic on the right, on the 2nd row, is that a personal shot, or something from the resort's website? ganda! =)

Che Thu Aug 16, 08:45:00 AM  

Sobrang ganda no? :) That was a personal shot by Kenot, my officemate. Freelance photog yun! May link sya dito sa blog. Hehe..

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