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>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes, I'm busy. Busy as a bee. Finally landed a job! hahaha.. After weeks of searching, I know I found the right one (as they say, the first one is not always the right one). Actually, I am beginning to feel impatient but later on realized that God is probably still preparing me and my job-to-be. And prayers really do wonders! Days after that, calls poured in and there I get to pick the ONE. ;)

Actually, today should be my first day at work but I just got my EP approval the other day. Then, I still went through medical examinations. I got off really early but still finished just before lunch. Haayyy... Oh well, at least my first day is moved next week. Haha..

Being busy does not mean no time to celebrate our first anniversary. Mon already created the entry on this blog as well as on his blog so no nee to elaborate. :) All I can say that our first year together has its ups but we definitely encountered rough roads along the way. All I can say is that we are committed to working together as well as continuously improve our relationship. We're pretty sure that we still have a long way to go, more lessons to learn and more rough roads to pass through. It won't be easy but as long as we stick together, we can make it.

I just hope despite my new work, I could still regularly post updates. ;)

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