First Day High!

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yep! Today’s my first day at work. Finally, I am a working woman again. :) I got up a bit early since I don’t want to be late on my first day. I even had the time to read yesterday’s newspaper as well as sort some things at our room.

Since my office can only be reached by taking 2 rides (one is via 2 buses and another via MRT-Commonwealth + bus), I have to “experiment” the most convenient route as well as the right time to leave the flat. Today, I tried the first option and the travel time is as follows:

Walk from our block to bus stop 3 mins
Waiting time for Bus #1 to arrive 6 mins
Bus # 1 (6 stops) 5 mins
Waiting time for Bus #2 to arrive 1 min
Bus # 2 (2 stops) 3 mins
TOTAL 18 mins

Just that, the waiting time varies so no certainties on the time I’ll arrive at work. Anyways, I saw my project manager prior to entering the building and he accompanied me to the security area. Security is really tight so I have to leave my passport to them (but I can’t since it will be picked up by courier within the day). I didn’t bring any other ID so my PM left his IC instead. Hahaha..

Work Place

I was introduced to each member of my team (as well as other teams) as they arrive one-by-one. I have a Pinoy teammate and I met another one from the different team. Although, there are lots of Pinoys from another team (RnD) but wasn’t able to meet them for they are in another area.

Morning: My laptop is not yet ready. So what did I do the whole morning???! My PM just told me to wait for it. They cannot give me anything to read since they have no printed training materials. Haaayyy, the agony of waiting made me sleepy. Hehehe.. And then I saw one piece of paper containing vi editor commands. Good timing to fight my sleepiness and boredom (oh! And to refresh my memory since I’m sure I’ll be using it), I reviewed it and wrote everything on my new notebook! Haha.. Oh well, so much for keeping myself busy. And just before lunch, hooray for my laptop arrived already hahaha..

Lunch time:
I ate lunch with my teammates and another one from the other team (pinoy). Despite of me having a baon, I joined for I want to know them a bit better. Seems to me that they always go to lunch together. Anyway, lunch was fun for they are really makwento. We talked about the coming IT show, post-paid line benefits as well as PDA phones and the ever popular IPhone. :)

Afternoon: My teammates are still on a lunch break mode. They are still chatting with just about anything near me. I patiently waited for quite some time until my teammate gives me the resource materials. Just when I’m about to sigh heavily, he gave it to me. Ten sets of powerpoint slides, 5 sets of documents and tons of other reading materials.

I started reading the powerpoint slides and boy! TOTAL INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Hahaha.. I’m sure I will have a full dose of info overload on the next days.
So until tomorrow... Haaayy..

Now that the "first day" is over, I am really hoping that I'll enjoy my new job. *Crossing my fingers that it’ll not be super demanding and pressuring as I have to juggle between career and family life*

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