Butterflies in my Stomach

>> Friday, November 30, 2007

Now that my first week (4 days actually) of being a newbie is almost over, I'm pretty sure what I feel is very common for those who just shifted jobs. New environment, new set of colleagues, new chapter in my life. I have mixed emotions -- optimistic, pessimistic.

PESSIMISTIC ME: nervous, quite insecure, paranoid, quite overwhelmed

OPTIMISTIC ME: excited, up for manageable challenges

Jittery... Hmmm, come Monday, I will be working on a project (what the?!--sa Pinas, 2wks normally bago ka isalang sa project hahaha). I had a little background already but I hope to catch things up fast (determined to do so) or else! haha...

For now, I'll just try to enjoy the weekend. :)

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