Day 3 at the Office...

>> Thursday, November 29, 2007

is a unfortunate/fortunate for me. Just when I arrived at the office, I realized I forgot the key where my laptop is placed. :(

UNFORTUNATE ME: No choice but to go back to our place. I called Mon before coming out the office vicinity, feeling so frustrated and disappointed (how could I forget it?! It's the first thing that I took note of while I was arranging my things for the next day).

FORTUNATE ME: I came early to the office and our flat is near but I have to take the cab (costly mistake).

Anyhoo, I rode the cab and had a relaxing conversation with the cab driver. He immediately told me that he's sure that I left something at home. A fortune teller! haha.. He talked about how my situation normally happens.. that it's one of the things that makes us human. He also talked about SG being a nice place to be but the cost of living is really high. I agreed. haha..

Just when I am near the hawker area, Mon called me and told me he has the key with him! He accidentally picked it up while we are arranging things at our room. Panalo! He was already at Sheng Siong that time. I waited for him at our block and we took the cab again (Lady Driver kewl!). I dropped him off to Commonwealth MRT and I went back to the office.

Now, I am still burning my brows to the numerous product documentations. Quite hard because no hands on yet so I still can't visualize how things work. Oh well, I'll get to that on the coming days. For now, I'll enjoy my coming home early days. I'm sure if I'm already assigned to a project, it'll be OTY for me. :-s

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