IMM - Nov 16 2007

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

One of the days where Noreen and I decided right away to meet. :) It really is much okay at times when meet-ups are not super planned (kasi hindi natutuloy) hehehe...

It should be me (with Mon), Noreen, Chello, Gina (with Mark) and Vivi. Vivi and Chello couldn't make it but we opted to go as planned. There's always next time. :D

So off we go to IMM (Jurong East). Met with Mon at Dover station, and met Noreen at Jurong East station. Chikahan right away while waiting for the IMM shuttle to arrive (which took light years hehe..) We had dinner at the food court where we had the sumptuous fried rice plus sweet and sour fish (continuing our chikahan of course :D).

We just strolled afterwards and met with Gina and Mark. Since it is a dinner date, kain ulet. This time, the three of us decided to have the zagu-style drink while the couple ate a heavy dinner. And as usual hindi nauubos ang chika, so tuloy pa din ;) Too bad no pics with them.


Lapit na Christmas!!!

Kasya! Hehehe...

Really late when we parted ways but it's good that we finally had some catching ups. Looking forward for more :D

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