First Wedding Anniversary! (NOW with PICS)

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We had our first wedding anniversary here! We haven't realized how much we've grown, how much we've learned, and how much we had accomplished in our first year.

Anyway, since our first anniversary was a Monday, and I can't take any leaves yet, it had to be a dinner and a movie!

We had dinner at Marché Vivocity, as recommended by Cel. (Thanks Cel!) This is the first Swiss restaurant we tried -- and it's great! Let's just wait for Che to put it the pictures here (the new "career woman" is busy today.. :) hint hint). Anyway, the full review of the place is here.

Outside Marche and the guest card

Aliw table availability indicator..

Simply yummy!

After that, we watched a movie at Golden Village VivoCity. Funny story. Earlier at work, I printed out the movies available. When I got home, I showed Che the list and asked her which of the movies she wanted to watch. Jokingly (I guess), she pointed at Stardust - at that time, she had no idea what the movie was about and I had no idea that she had no idea what the movie was about. Knowing her, I knew she'd go for the fantasy flick Stardust over the action-packed Beowulf (which I was also looking forward to watch as well). So when she pointed at Stardust, I had the mindset "After dinner, we'll watch Stardust". On the other hand, she thought that since I was looking forward to Beowulf, she had the mindset "After dinner, we'll watch Beowulf."

After dinner, she called her folks home since they greeted us through text and we were touched that they remembered. While she was talking to them, I had bought the tickets for Stardust at 9:25PM. She was expecting Beowulf at 9:00PM. By 8:50PM, we went up to the cinema but the crew said that they will only admit people 10 minutes before the show. She was surprised that the movie was moved to 9:25PM from 9:00PM. I guess because we were talking and she trusted me, she didn't question it any further and just waited for 9:15PM. Shortly before 9:15PM, I went to the restroom first before going in to the cinema. While waiting for me, she took a picture of the movie tickets using her phone. She saw "STARDUST" and was confused for a while. "Stardust? Why Stardust? What's Stardust??" It only sank in seconds later that I did not buy Beowulf tickets! Hahaha...

Well, we had no choice but to watch Stardust of course so we went in. She really didn't have any idea what the movie was about so she was teasing me about our misunderstanding. The dialogue was somewhere along the lines "What made you think I want to watch this? I don't even know this movie." Good thing is, it really is a good movie, and it is the type of movie that she watches. Hehehe. :) Lesson learned: "Clarification, it's a beautiful thing." - Dr. House M.D.

The movie was finished around 11:30PM. We hurried to the MRT to catch the very last train. We got in the NE train in HarbourFront several minutes before departing. At the next stop, Outram Park Interchange, we were worried that we may not catch the EW train, also the last train for the night. When we saw the ticker sayig "Last train to Boon Lay-ARRIVED", we made a run for it. We got it just in time -- the doors closed seconds after we got in. Hehehe.. Phew!

The only time when MRTs are not JAMPACKED...

Great day, great nightout! Not the best or the most expensive celebration I had hoped for, but since we're just in the "build up" phase here in Singapore, I guess it's the best that we could hope for here. Important thing is I'm happy, she's happy, we're happy. :)




3 hirit/s:

rEeYuH Tue Nov 20, 09:57:00 PM  

happy anniv senyo! kampaiii hehe

kausap kya kita che kahapon?! di kita na greet.. hehe oh, congrats din! =)

btw, nice naman ang stardust eh! aliw! (thanks to the wonders of download)

Che Tue Nov 20, 11:11:00 PM  

hehehe.. oo nga eh pero kei lang yun. salamat reeyuh! :) kampaiiiii... hahaha.. miss ko na ang linya mong yan. ;)

nice nga! aliw ako sa story hehehe... buti pa jan oki ang downloads... huhuhu...

ji Wed Nov 21, 04:17:00 PM  

hi che che :) nice nice naman :)

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